“This is to confirm that I and my family have used Masood Akhtar Associates for planning and architectural services from 1986 to current date on more than 12 new development projects consisting of 5 new housing projects, 18 flats conversions and industrial units. The company successfully completed all projects every time and has 100% record in obtaining planning and building regulation permissions.”

Z. Ali (Developer / Business man)

“Masood Akhtar has designed and managed successfully 3 restaurants projects for my company from 1989-2011 and has always obtain planning and building regulations. His involved has made positive impact on my projects and has assisted our company throughout from initial design stages to final completion.”

Mohammad Yaqoob Ali


“In 1995 we applied for a planning permission through another architect for a development for a new house in Alum Rock. This application was refused. We were recommended to employ Masood Akhtar Associates and they successfully gain planning permission. We were so pleased with his understanding of planning and building design expertise that we engaged him to project management the construction of the new house. We were completely satisfied with his services. I recommended him to my son last year, 2010 for a new project for Sheesha lounge and Café bar.  This was refused by Birmingham City Council but Masood Akhtar Associates won the appeal and Secretary of State recommended for approval despite council objections. At the same time we applied for A5 planning permission which was also approved.”

Mr.Khalid –Clodeshall Road / Pharmacist


“I and my family have continuously engaged Masood Akhtar associates on many commercial and residential projects from 1986-2009. We have been completely satisfied with their work and always recommend to friends and business associates.”

Mr.Sabir Hussain – Business man


Project : Two storey side and part single storey rear extension with loft conversion.

“We engaged Masood Akhtar Associates to design the project and obtain all permission from City Council which were granted. We were also impressed with the company and professional services that we employ their company MHA Construction Services to carry out the building project. We were not disappointed; the project was completed successfully without any problems. The workmanship and the finishes were to right standard.”

 “We have used Masood Akhtar Associates on many projects and also as a Consultant/ Adviser for our company for last 4 years. We are pleased to be associated with him and his company. We look forward to continue and build on our joint partnership on future projects.”

ONLAR – Builder.


“Masood Akhtar has designed many projects for our company and our clients consisting of loft conversions and extensions and we were always pleased to work with him. We continue to use him on our projects and for our clients.”

Mr.Tariq – Builder/Developer


Project: Two storey side and part single storey extension with loft conversion.

“Masood Akhtar Associated were engaged to design and obtain all necessary approvals from local authority. Subsequently we employed his construction company, MHA Construction Services to undertake to construction of the project. These were problems encountered below ground which required specialist’s designs and construction methods. These and the whole project were completed at high standards. We were complete satisfied witch the designs and the construction work.”

Project: Conversion of …Public House to restaurant with two storey and part single storey extension.

“The project was brilliantly designed and all planning building regulation and structural design work permission obtained. We were pleased when we persuaded Masood Akhtar to carry out the construction of the project through his MHA Company. The project started in late 2010 and completed in April 2011. We had a wonderful working relationship on the project and he always listen to my concern and made sure I has happy with all the aspects. The project has been complete to my satisfaction and I am glad I choose Massod Akhtar Associates to undertake the design and construction.”

Lahore Chinese Restaurant


 “Masood Akhtar obtains planning applications for many projects for us, particularly for development of two new semi-detached houses on vacant land, shop project and extensions and alteration to bungalows.”

Mr. Singh


Masood Akhtar has design and obtain planning permissions for many projects :

-Development of two, 4 bedroom bungalows

-Planning permission for restaurant

-Development for four new terraced houses on vacant land

-Planning permission for various commercial projects.

 “We have worked with Masood Akhtar on many residential projects where he successfully obtained planning and building regulation permissions including … out structural design works. We have been pleased with his design, success in obtaining planning permission. The design drawings are well detailed and easily understood. His after care services is also great. We always recommend his company to our clients.”


 “Masood Akhtar design and Construction Companies undertook my project for disable shower room. We ere completed satisfied with the completion of the extension. We recommend that you use his company for your projects.”

Ammoniums – Brunswick Road


 “We and our family have used Masood Akhtar Associated for architectural and planning design consultants and adviser for the last 15 years on many commercial and residential projects. Most recently they obtain planning permission for the change of use of show room to restaurant (A3) on Coventry Road, despite many objections. We are completely satisfied with his services and the personal attention and respect the company and their staff has given us over the year.”

Mr.Shabi – Business man


“Our company has engaged Masood Akhtar associated on many residential and commercial projects for architectural and building design services on many years. We also recommended them to our clients. Their expertise in planning and building design is excellent and customer care is very good. The company stuff is always pleasant and polite.”

Mr.Sheraz – Builder/ Contractor


“We are pleased to inform that we have known and worked with Masood Akhtar since 1988 and most recently on a Sikh Temple, development of a four shops with flats above including change of use from … stire building to shop above. We are always pleased with their technical expertise in obtaining planning permission and providing clear and concise design and construction drawings. Their customer care services in beyond to …”



“This company has completed many architectural and building design projects for our family over the last 20 years particularly on development of 16 apartments, nursing home, large domestic two storey extensions and loft conversion. The drawing are professionally completed with complete details and easily understood by us and builders. Most recently in 2010 they get planning and building regulation permission for restaurant.”


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